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The Holidays

Paul Sansome is an experienced photography tutor and has been leading photography holidays for over 10 years. Paul says "My approach is to organise the trip with an emphasis on the word 'Holiday.' The trips are the result of extensive research, planning trips and the experience of my previous tours. My aims are to provide outstanding photo opportunities and a great holiday with experiences that one simply would not encounter on a conventional holiday."   

The group sizes are always limited. This allows Paul to allocate more time to helping individual clients, both in the field and in reviewing their photographs back in the hotel. Paul also dislikes the negative impact of a larger group appearing to invade a remote village.The available holidays are displayed on this page - follow the coloured links for further information and contact us for a full itinerary. However, many holidays are sold out before being advertised so. please register your interest in the holidays so that you get the earliest opportunity to sign up for the trips. 

Destination: Myanmar (Burma)

Still emerging from decades of isolation, Myanmar provides one of the most photo rich destinations that Paul has visited. Paul says "Nowhere else on my travels have I taken quite so many photographs - great landscapes and an attractive and welcoming people". 

Tour: Marvellous Myanmar - January 2020

This trip offers a great variety of interest, both as a visitor and photographer.There is a visible influence of Buddhism throughout the trip and we will visit several temples and pagodas, including the exceptional Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and in the temple complex at Bagan. It is a great experience to climb the outside of one of the larger temples and watch and photograph the landscape at both sunrise and sunset. There is also an extended stay on Inle Lake, remarkable for its stilted villages, lotus weaving and the Intha fishermen with their unique fishing techniques. We also go to the less visited region of Kayah, the homeland of Padaung tribe whose women wear traditional brass rings round their necks. One aspect of this trip is how little road travel there is, leading to a relaxed holiday feeling. Please ask for the full itinerary.

Destination: India

In India the holidays are based around some outstanding high quality hotels that have real heritage character. Paul says "For me, the better photography opportunities are usually found away from the major tourist locations. Also, the less visited locations normally provide a more valuable interaction with the local people. My camera has lead to hundreds of interactions with friendly and interesting people that I would not otherwise have had."

Tour: Across South India - January 2019

This promises to be an outstanding trip. Beginning in the historic trading centre of Fort Cochin and ending in the former French colony of Pondicherry this is a trip that also encompasses the famous backwaters of Kerala, the highest tea factory in the world and the magnificent Temple city of Madurai. Please contact us for the full itinerary.


Destination: Iceland

Iceland is a destination that demands a more active approach as the conditions might be challenging and there will be the desire to see sunrises and sunsets on what can be a long day. Paul says " Iceland is my favourite place and I have made over 20 trips there. It is dramatic on a huge scale and there is always something new to discover."   

Tour: Iceland - The North - May 2018

This trip encompasses the coast of the Snaefellsnes peninsular, some much more remote beaches along the North coast, the volcanic region around Lake Myvatn and some amazing waterfalls. See Iceland - The North, 2018

Tour: Iceland - The South - May 2018

We travel all across Iceland's southern coast. This is a trip that includes mighty waterfalls, glacial lagoons, stunning beaches and even a super-jeep ride into a surreal valley. See Iceland - The South, 2018

Destination: Vietnam

Paul says "It is a bit a of a cliche, but Vietnam is one of those places that you need to get to see before it changes. The cities might already surprise with their modern development but what is a particular delight is to witness the lives and costumes of the tribal minorities in the hills of the north. I fear that this will rapidly change".  The trips maximise the opportunities in the rural areas and encompass stunning rice terrace landscapes in the north of the country.  

Tour: Terraces of Gold - September 2019

Urban photography in Hanoi, stunning rice terrace landscapes, remarkable tribal minoritie and tea plantations. So many photo opportunities! For the full 2019 itinerary please see email Paul for early details.

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