Rajasthan and Holi Festival

Paul says "An incredible, packed and diverse itinerary, all geared to provide outstanding photography opportunities"

Day 1 / 15 Feb Arrival Udaipur
Day 2 / 16 Feb Udaipur
Day 3 / 17 Feb Udaipur - Bhainsrorgarh
Day 4 / 18 Feb Bhainsrorgarh
Day 5 / 19 Feb Bhainsrorgarh
Day 6 / 20 Feb Bhainsrorgarh - Bundi
Day 7 / 21 Feb Bundi
Day 8 / 22 Feb Bundi - Ranthambore
Day 9 / 23 Feb Ranthambore - Agra
Day 10 / 24 Feb Agra
Day 11 / 25 Feb Agra - Holi Festival, Barsana - Agra
Day 12 / 26 Feb Agra - Holi Festival, Brindaban- Delhi
Day 13 / 27 Feb Fly home

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Location 1: Udaipur, 2 nights

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We start our trip in the Udaipur, "City of Lakes". Staying in a luxurious lake-side hotel we can easily access this city's highlights. 

We will spend a day in this relatively relaxed city. We have various options on our visit to Udaipur including a tour of the City Palace, which overlooks the Lake Pichola. The City Palace was built in 1725 of granite and marble with filigreed balconies, ornate windows and craftsmanship in glass. The royal palace walls stretch over a mile on the eastern side of the lake. Within the palace is a maze of courtyards, apartments and decorated halls. Visit the Crystal Gallery and the hall of public audiences and the private chambers of the royal ladies. During the day we can enjoy a boat ride on Lake Pichola.

Location 2: Bhainsrorgarh, 3 nights

Hosted by brothers Hemendra and Rajveer, this is an outstanding place perched high on a cliff overlooking the shimmering Chambal River and has previously been awarded Best Heritage Hotel in India by UK’s Tatler Travel Guide. British historian Col. James Todd after seeing the splendid and mesmerising beauty of the Fort said that if he was offered a Jagir in Rajasthan and given the option to choose, it would be Bhainsrorgarh. The royal family-in-residence welcome you to experience a stay in this incredible fort! The atmosphere, views, personal service and beautifully laid out gourmet meals have enchanted many visitors since the fort opened to guests in 2006. A fortified outpost of the kingdom of Mewar has a remarkable history, built by Rawat Lal and granted as a jagir (fiefdom) by Maharana Jagat Singh II of Mewar in 1741 A.D. 

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On one of the days we will take a boat trip out onto the river to see the birds (Kingfishers, waders, vultures, terns have all been seen on previous trips) and monkeys, bats, and even crocodiles. There are several small villages in this area that we can visit – truly remote communities that offer strong photography opportunities. Bhainsrorgarh is just 20 minutes from the small complex of ancient temples of Baroli. Amongst all these primeval temples, the sanctified Ghateswar Shiva temple is the prime one. This is also said to be the oldest one of Rajasthan. The engraved women sculptures on the pillars of the temple are excellent and admirable. The dancing idols of Hindu Gods, such as, Vishnu, Shiva and innumerable other holy deities, are creatively embossed on the wall at the entrance.

Location 3: Bundi, 2 nights

With its pastel coloured back streets and interesting people Bundi is an outstanding place for street photography. All the more so because it is relatively unknown. Much time will be spent here in the back streets and market. Here we will also visit  a palace, which features beautiful murals, and some step wells, or Baoris. These are great architectural structures that gave access to the town's water supply, prior to the provision of running water. Anyone with an eye for the abstract will adore these step wells.

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Location 4: Ranthambore, 1 night

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The Ranthambore National Park is famous for its Bengal Tigers and, of course, this is the focus of the safari. We have one afternoon and one early morning  safari drive. Although Ranthambore has one of the highest sighting success rates, tigers are not always seen. There is, of course, other wildlife and landscape interest in the Park. The game drives last for three hours.

Location 5: Agra, 3 nights

We base ourselves in Agra, home to the Taj Mahal. We, of course, have the chance to visit the most famous building in the world but our real focus is the Holi Festival.

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You have probably heard of the Holi Festival, renowned for the colourful extravaganza of paint throwing, as these days it is celebrated around the world. However, it originates in two small villages and it is here that we travel to photograph and, inevitably, join in the celebrations. As well as the riot of colour you will get the chance to photograph women beating the men with sticks! On our first day we visit the village of Barsana where the familiar powder paint throwing takes place. On day two we go to the village of and Brindaban where the celebrations are more unusually performed with flowers.

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The maximum size of the party will be 12.

Price: £2450 (Single Supplement £550)

Clients from all countries welcome

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